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TGIF madness- A crazy collection of pics

TGIF madness – Welcome to our latest edition of nutcase TGIF funnies. Given that Friday is finally here, what better way – liver pampering put aside – to kick start your weekend festivities, than to treat yourself to an extensive giggle session. No further comment necessary, so please just follow the guide.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a smile riddled PMSLweb moment!

Funny TGIF – TGIF madness at

Funny how you feel after cleaning your browser history at

New keyboard humor at

Samsung invents ass-robot humor at

Funny pool move the crucifixion at

Funny bird anatomy – TGIF madness at

When you’re going to the movies humor at

How to grow up at work meme at

Funny female astronaut sexist joke at

Bird flying using sheer force of anger humor at

Funny the guy you read about in math problems at

Launching a new website funny cartoon – TGIF madness at

Funny Che Guevara definition at

Sarcastic dad talk like a normal human being at

Funny Rachel Bilson animated at

Funny Dracula on Family feud at

Funny pump gasket prank at

Still writing BC on my checks funny cartoon at

Steve Harvey trying to keep the show together for one season humor at

The first cells were probably lonely humor – TGIF madness at

Man locked out of hotel room naked humor at

Regular boring normal turtle humor at

Funny car miracle of birth at

Funny Steve Harvey losing it on family feud at

Funny fashion what men really want at

Better not show him my boobs meme – TGIF madness at

Funny how green is your lettuce at

You can’t turn gay funny quote at

More than comrades humor at

If you’re feeling lazy today humor at

The saddest aisle in the supermarket humor – TGIF madness at

Funny kamasutra guide at

Spider helps you connect to the web humor at

Funny bae come over at

Funny Monty Python Olympics at

Funny Monty Python Olympics 1 at

Funny Monty Python Olympics 2 at

Funny Friday night quote

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