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Midweek funnies – A gallery of quality giggles

Midweek funnies – Reaching the first true milestone of a new week (successfully completing the ascension of Mount Hump) is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, while your modesty is honorable, we are aware of the efforts and courage required to safely and soundly make it through Monday and Tuesday. You have greatly merited catching a breath; so please allowing us to treat you to some top-notch quality chuckles.

Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Funny Newton’s first law – Midweek funnies at

How I failed my math exam meme at

Funny Australian thong story at

Metric system vs the US measuring system humor at

This mushroom is so raw meme at

Funny crab says hi to mom – Midweek funnies at

Playing Mario Bros theme at my funeral humor at

Funny Power Ranger fight line at

Funny saving on home safety at

Funny gay test at

Funny fake football injury at

Funny Barbie girl song prank – Midweek funnies at

Hypothetical argument simulator meme at

Isis recruits have second thoughts humor

Funny Nazi phone at

What looks cool today may not tomorrow humor at

Gay Coward hilarious name – Midweek funnies at

Funny good versus evil in the subway at

Funny soap for hipsters at

Funny gecko in tank at

Funny crime lab cartoon at

Funny forehead – Midweek funnies at

Funny living in anonymous proxy seems legit at

When you with the boys and she sends nudes humor at

Put of reach from technology meme at

Resuscitating a drowning cat humor at

funny Disney Aladdin fail at

When the side hoe tells you she’s pregnant humor at

Funny armadillo animated – Midweek funnies at

Funny sims secret at

Funny Harry Potter is a refugee at

Funny parrot and cat U wot m8 at

If a guy remembers the color of your eyes funny quote at

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