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TGIF you laugh you lose – Your daily dose of mischief

TGIF you laugh you lose – Before going any further, we hope that those of you concerned by the holiday had a merry and food-packed Thanksgiving (when it comes to family reunions as you know it can quickly go one way or another). In other news, part of the worldwide population is/will be celebrating another major event today: FRIDAY. Yes, that’s right, the weekend is finally here, and without further ado why not kick-start the festivities with our virtual playground’s latest YLYL collection?

Wishing you a crazy weekend ahead and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Better grab my dumbrella sarcastic humor  - TGIF you laugh you lose

Santa is stealing mum’s coke sarcastic humor

Bert is shocked to see Ernie on the other side of the glory hole gif

Red hot willy peppers funny meme

Never underestimate an attention whore funny meme

Funny region map of nicknames – TGIF you laugh you lose

The biggest step in any relationship isn’t the first kiss funny quote

If you’re a Trump fan name 3 of his songs funny meme

When you’re at Disneyland waiting in line funny porn meme

Evil Kermit at the Thanksgiving table funny meme

Funny 2016 fight club meme – TGIF you laugh you lose

How to traumatize your kids at Thanksgiving humor – TGIF you laugh you lose

What the inside of my testicles looks like before a date funny meme

When you sip coffee funny adult humor

When you drop ice in the kitchen funny evil Kermit meme

People against the circumcision of potatoes funny meme

Funny Pontiac Harambe fail – TGIF you laugh you lose

When the dentist checks if your wisdom teeth are coming out funny porn meme

When he doesn’t get the hint funny text convo

TriAnal funny medicine name fail

Donald Trump talks about his military experience humor

Man with very small penis wrecks birds humor

I love exercise funny sarcastic ecard – TGIF you laugh you lose

When you hug a girl that wears too much makeup funny meme

Men do not go to baby showers funny before & after leave of absence

Funny gynecologist chair fail

Elderly couple in church funny joke

Five minutes into photosynthesis and chill funny meme

Peter Parker shooting web adult humor gif – TGIF you laugh you lose

I answer text messages in my head funny quote

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