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The most inappropriate toys ever – WTF sums it up

Most inappropriate toys ever – From hand carved whistles to laser toys, when it comes to the toy industry the sky seems to be the limit these days and there’s no knowing what manufacturers will come up with next. Is everything acceptable though? That’s the question we are asking you today, and in order for you to objectively decide we have put together a gallery of some of the most “inappropriate” (aka WTF, weird, creepy & strange)children toys the internet has revealed to us over the past few years, so buckle up and let’s get going!

Wishing you a disturbing PMSLweb moment!

The most inappropriate toys

The Baby Trap Chair

Baby trap chair fail

While we all know that they do enjoy putting our patience to the test at times, this nonetheless does seem a little extreme.

God Jesus Robot

God Jesus robot toy

When it comes to Japan, nothing should really surprise us anymore…

Collectible Bling teeth for kids

Collectible bling teeth for kids

Because It’s never too early to become a total failure.

The Devil’s Wand

Devil’s wand - Inappropriate toys

We have no words here if not that the name seems quite appropriate for sure. Mum should enjoy!

Cold War Unicorns

Cold war Unicorns WTF toy

Proof that too much imagination isn’t always a good thing.

Poo Dough

Poo dough WTF toy

The perfect example of what has gone wrong with the world. You can only but appreciate the realistic “corn” addition though.

Giant Microbes

Giant Microbes funny soft toys

Finding original ideas these days isn’t all that easy, so you just may have to consider exploring unexpected grounds.

Little mommy’s Toy Toilet

Little mommy’s toy toilet weird toys

We know that the general IQ level seems to have dropped somehow these days, but seriously?

Baby in the Microwave

Baby in the microwave – Most inappropriate toys

Because Japan.

Water Gun Dildo

Water gun dildo WTF toy

The perfect toy for wild garden parties this summer. I mean seriously, WTF?

The Hitler Doll

Hitler doll creepy WTF toy

Forget about monsters hidden under the bed. We bet you did nazi that coming!

The Avenging Narwhal play set

Avenging Narwhal play set weird WTF toy

If your kiddo is of those who thoroughly enjoys throwing stones at kittens or amputating spiders of their legs, then this toy is defo a must. We’re still trying to figure out where the koala comes into this vicious arctic avenging plan though…

Kavass Invincible Play Set

Kavass invincible play set WTF toy

Planning a trip to Syria anytime soon? Start training your preschooler as from now!

Little Girl’s Lasso Toy

Little girl’s lasso toy fail

This is probably as bad as it gets. Yes, it’s actually a lasso.

Toy Shop Gun Placement

Toy shop Gun placement fail

Meanwhile at Toys r Us Kabul….

Nazi Design Racing Game

Nazi design racing game toy fail

Treat your friends to an exciting game of The Fast and the Führer.

Hand Carved Wooden Whistles

Hand carved wooden whistles fail

Preparing birthday goody bags and are a bit dry on ideas? Search no more!

Dress Up Set for Little Girls

Dress up set for little girls toy fail

The “Sugar Daddy” talk with your little princess made easy with this gorgeous accessory pack.

Mickey Mouse Microphone

Mickey Mouse microphone design fail

While you’d expect a little more foresight coming from Disney’s marketing department, we have no choice but to note that they fail just like the rest.

Disney’s Tigger Soft Toy

Disney’s Tigger soft toy fail – Most inappropriate toys

Just refer to previous comment….

Ken Jesus Christ

Ken Jesus Christ WTF toy

Needless to say that Mattel really nailed it with this doll.

Cleaning Toy Set for Girls

Cleaning toy set for girls funny fail

Because there’s no age when it comes to learning to know your place.

Crazy Cluck

Crazy Cluck WTF toy

Screw the educative input here, let’s just choke the little bastard, kids!

Super Cock

Super cock toy name fail

Honestly we’re not sure that any parent right in his mind would be tempted to buy their child a toy with such a name, but hey that’s just us.

Baby’s First Minibar

Baby’s first minibar – Most inappropriate toys

What shall it be for you today Sir, Nipple on the rocks maybe? Give your kid their best chance of hitting liver cirrhosis by the age of 5 with this dazzling play set.

Toys R Us Laser Pet Toy

Toys R Us laser pet toy fail

You’ll be able to train kitty like a boss thanks to this fantastically designed gadget, and if despite your best efforts he doesn’t get the knack you can always re-gift to mom.

Rad Repeating Tarzan

Rad Repeating Tarzan toy fail
Rad Repeating Tarzan toy fail

Disney definitely is our runner-up as far as bad taste is concerned with this animated Tarzan doll that will give your little ones an insight on rudimentary masturbation techniques.

Drug Dealer Magnet Set

Drug dealer magnet set toy fail

Bear in mind that when designing toys, manufacturers must do their best to reach the largest possible customer base, so why neglect the large drug consumer/dealing community after all?

Crocodile Plush toy

Crocodile plush toy fail

We have the feeling that Orlando gift shops will be interested in hooking up with the manufacturer of this awesome kiddy toy asap…


Nunzilla funny toy fail

Give a new religious insight to your children with this wind-up sparkling Nunzilla toy, “Feel my wrath you little pieces of sh*t!”

Twin Towers Toy

Twin towers toy fail – Most inappropriate toys

Using toys for educative purposes is definitely a smart move, and high five to this specific product manufacturer who found a very playful way to teach history to our little ones.

Dismembered Body Part Doll

Dismembered Body Part Doll creepy toys

Over the decades, collectible toys have always had a major success with kiddos, and once more Japan is here to break down boundaries and remind us that anything can be merchandised if you put your mind to it.. Anyone got an extra right leg limb btw?

Toys R Us Lion King Toy

Toys R Us Lion King toy fail
Toys R Us Lion King toy fail (

Rafiki STAHPPPP!! What the hell are you doing??? Mind you shamans are somehow similar to priests, right?

What’s Yours Like game

What’s yours like weird game

Once your kid hits the age of 12 he becomes self-aware, and there’s no need to over sugar-coat things any longer as he will start asking real questions and expect truthful spot-on answers in return. Obviously with answers such as “mine is tight” and “mine gets wet” he will be served.

She Wants the D T-shirt

She wants the D kid’s T-shirt fail

Gifting your children latest trend clothing is, we admit, always very tempting… but DON’T, please don’t….

Inflatable Playground Slide

Inflatable penis slide fail – Most inappropriate toys

What kid does not enjoy a trip to the playground, but WTF were these people thinking when they designed this epic pen…slide! Epic slide! No need to remind our little angels how they got here in the first place!

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