Thursday funnies – Your delivery of daily giggles

Thursday funnies – Usually as of Thursday, your mood should start to progressively increase, in order to reach its peek tomorrow night. If you give it some thought, the 4th day of the week tends to be underrated in a way; we all experience a certain relief once the first three days of the week are finally behind us, and Thursday may actually act as a token that the weekend is now finally within reach.
Anyway, the time has come to start focusing on that giggle-o-meter of yours, so let’s get going!

Wishing you a fun-tainted PMSLweb moment!

No lives matter meme – Thursday funnies

I’d rather do business with al Qaeda funny sign

Funny Spiderman movie flaws

Making eye contact with the person working at the mall kiosk meme

Game of thrones and Putin humor

Becoming Hulk in the toilet humor – Thursday funnies

Be careful when you follow the masses funny quote

Isis wants to invade Russia humor

If you’re cold they’re cold hooker meme

Obama Christmas ornaments funny comment

A muslim was sitting next to Paddy on the plane joke

Canadian jackpot winner dies WTF news

Mortal kombat work station meme – Thursday funnies

Avengers Friends style humor

When it’s bae’s birthday and you’re broke funny

Worst face swap ever

I prefer not to think before speaking funny quote

I can’t tell what you are funny comment

When you’re shy in school humor – Thursday funnies

Funny Activia advert caption

Funny Donald Trump board game

When your girlfriend sees a picture of your ex humor

When the teacher has bad breath humor

Conan the barbarian in Titanic gif

I never argue funny quote – Thursday funnies

Funny nose trimmer advert

Funny snake warning sign

That was not my girlfriend Asian drama joke

Funny Coyote and road runner tunnel fail

Dafuq skirt fail

Friday is never close enough humor – Thursday funnies

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