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Wednesday lolz – A collection of midweek funnies

Wednesday lolz – Welcome to our latest edition of midweek funnies. Once more, hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across all sorts of nonsense (the internet is an inexhaustible source for that after all) and since “sharing is caring”… If you’re in the mood/need for a few giggles, why not take a few minutes and check out what follows.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Finnish metal band humor – Wednesday lolz

WTF tattoo socks

Funny social media credit card hack

God wasted a good asshole sarcastic ecard

Star Wars spinny trooper prank

Trying to make a joke these days humor

Every time I order something online humor

When he lets you go through his phone humor – Wednesday lolz

Funny Windows 10 the Shining

Funny dog in orchestra cartoon

Funny missing you like a stormtrooper

Funny Apple product sarcasm

When you’re enjoying the warm weather in December humor

Never Wong funny Asian name – Wednesday lolz

Run to the next bus stop humor

If Cinderella was from the hood humor

Awkward Facebook bonding typo fail

Fresh buns advertising win

Funny Dailymail name generator

Staying in the bathroom with cockroaches humor

Funny flooring sign – Wednesday lolz

Clicking on False download buttons humor

Baby born without a nose funny comment

What you can do with your opinion animated meme

ESPN one direction fail

Newspaper URL fail

When old people say back in my day humor

Boob soap dispenser – Wednesday lolz

Funny Facebook cropped picture fail

Funny BBC news year of the whores

Fake gamer cat humor

What service really means joke

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