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Tuesday LOL – A handful of funnies to set the mood

Tuesday LOL – We hope that the new week hasn’t been too rough on you so far, and that you’ve managed to stay clear of any negative vibes (aka life sucking morons) who weirdly seem to bloom whatever the season and whereabouts. That being said, we’ve noticed that the peeps who visit usually know just how to deal with the latter and minimize their adverse effects, so keep up the good work!

wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Girl in box prank gone wrong – Tuesday LOL at

Funny petting the cat cartoon at

Funny lookalikes at

Accidently typed Jesuis Christ humor at

Sentence was a wild ride from beginning to end at

Blind dog joke at

Immanuel kant meme – Tuesday LOL at

When you realize you forgot to take the chicken out the freezer humor at

Don’t forget the R in Gary Oldman funny status at

Funny A-team police joke at

A blind man walks into a bar joke at

Condoms be like funny picture at

Funny bathman batman – Tuesday LOL at

Follow the red dot German Sheppard meme at

Chrome incognito mode humor at

Hairdresser thinks he’s wanking humor at

Funny daffaq meds at

When your girl speaks so much about your ex meme at

Dog giving wisest advice of 2015 – Tuesday LOL at

Funny penguin fail at

Funny when someone tells you you’re drunk at

Lamest boyfriend ever on Facebook at

Ty Pennington bible meme at

Funny Avril Lavigne youtube comment  - Tuesday LOL at

Was your friend directed by Quentin tarentino humor at

Dog fucks the system humor at

Funny cat acting like a dog at

Discreet packaging fail at

Funny gloster canaries have bowlcuts at

Funny clothing store in Ancient Rome cartoon – Tuesday LOL at

Funny bird needs a ride at

Funny giraffe evolution at

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