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Tuesday PMSL – Wild chuckles ahead

Tuesday PMSL – While no doubt that we’re all thrilled to have made it passed Monday, we honestly will only really get our first true weekly relief once we’ve also dealt with his evil twin – aka Tuesday. In order to (humbly) help you a tad, we’ve spent the last hours putting together a new collection of Tuesday nonsense; so if ever you’re in the mood for some silly time please be our guests.

Wishing you a rollicking PMSLweb moment!

What the bloody hell is a duck humor  - Tuesday PMSL

Funny all gender restroom sign

Line up from the worst to the best in basketball humor

Your very first shitpost humor

What husband sees versus what wife sees in the bathroom humor

Funny chicken finger funny Mexican word of the day – Tuesday PMSL

I finally found my G spot funny text message

Funny good genes fail

When the preacher’s daughter sends you a funny picture humor

How to asked bae for money funny text

Funny Asian name tombstone – Tuesday PMSL

How you look driving home after doing a chick humor

When you realize it’s just a couch humor

Do these type of girls exist humor

Videogame difficulty settings should be funny tweet

My life would be so much easier sarcastic quote

Her boobs look like shoes tied around your neck

Funny dark skin final level boss – Tuesday PMSL

Funny Google search versus medical degree sign

Funny if this means trust I don’t have any

Your baby might be adorable funny quote

American versus Australian police humor – Tuesday PMSL

A dick with a future funny quote

Funny willy exerciser gadget

Semen detectable under black light humor

When you’re tired of being a single mom funny meme

When I ask for directions funny quote

I noticed that you deleted your boyfriends pictures

Have you even seen a grown man cry humor

Go on that’s very interesting sarcastic quote – Tuesday PMSL

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