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LOL Tuesday ’s pleasures – flipping open Pandora’s box

LOL Tuesday ’s guilty pleasures – In order to get through the first part of the week, one just cannot gain access to too many humoristic delicatessens, fact. The time has come to level up slightly gear wise conducive to reaching cruising mode, so please accept today’s new collection of funnies as a humble contribution.

Wishing you an undisciplined PMSLweb moment!

HSIOT Tuesday meme
worst license plate ever
cling wrap FU funny
ridiculously photogenic asian guy
mum iphone fail
Feng Shui funny vintage
Madonna lip synching meme
redneck making sense
Human race wasn’t very advanced cartoon
alarm clock you need to smile to funny
how to use sand to freak people out meme
photoshop you’re doing it right
toilet paper earrings
Australian signs funny
Toilet guillotine
book is better than the movie funny quote
you’re home early meme
redneck rest stop
uncle chester always liked to point out the sights
microwave meal instructions meme
internet addict desk
look closely at the sign meme
taxonomy of f*ck
avengers name meanings in other languages
Israeli airport security
hands free burger holder
what any normal human would do funny
50 shades of grain – adult cereal
If I remember her name maybe she’ll make me a sandwich
best job in the world is yoga instructor
rabbit who the f*ck is alice
socks and washing machine funny cartoon
bikers versus a**holes
shopping I feel like such a failure
batman downsizes in this economy meme
my wife gives me sound advice funny
I became a door knocker meme
job application at hooters quote
chopsticks funny
cat by all means proceed meme
can I have your ps3 funny
vintage what’s for dinner funny
vegetarians the real story meme
met 2 gods avengers funny
run you stick bastards
reasons not to steal this truck
evolution of women funny
facebook should have a hypocrite button ecard
cat when I find a way in meme
why Americans hate Americans

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