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Wacky Saturday – A weekend collection of funnies

Wacky Saturday – By now, you more or less should have a global idea on how your weekend is turning out, and evidently we hope for the best. Whatever direction you decided to give to the latter, chuckles should always be part of the equation, so without further ado, here’s our daily selection of funny pics.

Wishing you a thriving PMSLweb moment!

Funny swordfish meme – Wacky Saturday at

Explaining that you’re on your period humor at

Funny iOS 6 gif at

Funny Simpsons law meme at

Turtle without a shell funny facebook comment at

Funny live by the sword quote – Wacky Saturday at

Funny Game of Thrones bloodbath game at

Cop is tired of your shit meme at

Like this post if you are stupid humor at

How to pronounce foreign words meme at

Funny dad’s text message attempt fail at

Difference between man and woman after sex joke at

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore news title – Wacky Saturday at

If your religion is worth killing for funny sarcasm at

Breaking up via emojis humor at

Most hated sentence at a concert meme at

Cat’s funny bucket list at

Rest in peace granny fail – Wacky Saturday at

When you find your friends after losing them in the club humor at

I heard you calling me cat humor at

Reese Witherspoon joke at

Wife sent me to the store to buy sauce humor at

Funny Chinese hotel warning at

Shopping for the date humor – Wacky Saturday at

Funny grandma going to hell at

Funny maths drama at

Funny laser led cat meme at

A car is chasing me sarcastic meme at

You thought you were having a bad day humor at

NSEW directions tattoo fail – Wacky Saturday at

Funny breakfast in bed for my girlfriend at

Regular parking is too mainstream meme at

Aluminum bat recommendation fail at

Game of Thrones X-men humor at

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