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Wacky Friday – Your TGIF source of funnies

Wacky Friday – No weekend worthy of the name would be considered being kick started without a consequential dose of good mood and giggles. The internet always being a top notch source as far as nonsense is concerned, please allow us to let the latter live up to its reputation with our latest collection of Friday funnies.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Why she might be upset meme – Wacky Friday at

Funny just listening to some house at

What school really prepares you for funny graph at

Making fun of internet signs humor at

Stevie Wonder simulator at

Matching sweaters mocking humor – Wacky Friday at

Happiness is funny quote at

Pesobear humor at

Women should date men with beards at

Funny niggas in Paris costumes at

There are 5 types of fear humor at

Funny there are 2 kinds of people – Wacky Friday at

Funny Farmville tweet at

Every decision you have made in your life meme at

Football player Oscar and Leonardo Dicaprio humor at

Funny this isn’t an American film at

Restart after installing meme – Wacky Friday at

Funny kid making binoculars joke at

Funny Asian pregnancy test at

Long term memory joke at

Funny detention notice at

I am really pregnant joke at

funny hipster Stalin meme – Wacky Friday at

Funny outdoors dog meme at

Funny girlfriend prank at

I want to dedicate this award funny fail at

Nail clipper humor at

Turning 32 bits into 64 bits funny stupid people at

Funny anal candling book – Wacky Friday at

This book is asking for trouble meme at

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