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Wednesday chuckle zone – Your daily dose of fun

Wednesday chuckle zone – Congratulations, you have officially made it to the first true milestone of the week aka Wednesday, and in order to let go of some of the ballast you may have accumulated over these past few days, why not give our latest selection of Hump day funnies a shot? Lighthearted chuckles are the name of the game today, so without further ado time to pit your scrolling skills to the test!

Wishing you a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Doormat called mat humor  - Wednesday chuckle zone

Funny British Brexit versus US election

Skeptic tank humor

Unless a girl is sitting on your face funny sign

How November works funny meme

When you’re drunk and start being friends with everyone meme

Dog waiting for his luggage at the airport funny meme – Wednesday chuckle zone

I want my first daughter to be a girl funny tweet fail

They see me rollin funny smashed car gif

I masturbated in the voting booth funny sticker

When you’re looking for your pen to do crosswords funny meme

Getting political after a few drinks funny meme

That’s the tubby custard machine funny fail – Wednesday chuckle zone

We are having big fun in Uranus funny sign

Your pulse is a bit fast today funny adult cartoon

I’m outraged sarcastic humor

Frosty the bitch slapping snowman funny fake Golden Book

Book store embraces the value of different perspectives funny meme

If your cup is half full funny quote – Wednesday chuckle zone

My girl stayed over at her ex’s and he shot her with a paint ball funny meme

We call our cat shadow funny meme

When you take her swimming funny meme

Funny cum and go sign meme

Funny feminist rape quote fail

AirPods allow you to beat off in the toilet without the wire getting in the way humor

Funny waterproof socks meme – Wednesday chuckle zone

Other people’s hand versus mine funny meme

Funny f*ck off gif

He saved a duck trapped in the ice funny joke

Awesome sarcastic wine bottle labels

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