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Wednesday funniness – A compilation of hilarious pics

Wednesday funniness – If you are currently looking for solutions to enhance a tad your morning/afternoon/evening (please select what applies to you) and are desperately/hopelessly/randomly going from one web page to another, please consider checking out what follows. Indeed, our latest collection of Hump day funnies is now live and awaits you, so let’s get scrolling!

Wishing you a humorous PMSLweb moment!

When the Mexican at Taco Bell messes up your order humor

Why feminists are mad at slave leia joke – Wednesday funniness

When you see spit fly humor

Tony Blair and his wife Pete Doherty humor

After you clear your browser history humor

I don’t know how to shoot humor

Kanye West versus Jimi Hendrix humor

Funny Tim Minchin quote – Wednesday funniness

How to hide your porn humor

Funny watch your child sign

Jesus doesn’t want to sound like he’s bragging funny cartoon

F*ck you stepdad Terry humor

Talking centipede joke

Funny Trump’s dad was KKK tweet – Wednesday funniness

I’m gonna build a wall Trump humor

When your shampoo says damage repair joke

I told you Tupac was alive humor

When you text versus when you actually meet humor

Funny internet outrage explained

What music do you listen to satellite humor

Feminist Barbie and social justice ken – Wednesday funniness

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about

I miss you April fools humor

Funny Awimbah weh name prank

Funny Daisy Merollin name prank

Funny conversation between jesus and God

Ear disk earring meme – Wednesday funniness

What cats really think funny cartoon

Funny Heimlich maneuver wrestler style

I will have to ask you to leave dog humor

Australia building fence at Slovenian border fail

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