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Wednesday guffaws – A collection of Hump Day funnies

Wednesday guffaws – Time for you to take a few minutes in order to look back and appreciate all the hard work which has been accomplished so far. Once that has been ticked off your list, you can now take a few minutes to sit back, catch a breath and fit in a few chuckles, before committing yourself to the second half of the week.

Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment!

Empty toilet roll humor – Wednesday guffaws at

Funny London station sign at

Funny cat manicure cartoon at

That thing you said 5 years ago meme at

I’m working on it sarcastic ecard at

Smart white bread for kids humor – Wednesday guffaws at

Funny hairstyles for men at

Funny you’re posting a lot of song lyrics card at

Pole dancing chicken at

Funny history of art at

Dog and human versus cat and human humor at

Funny weapon of choice for zombie apocalypse at

Funny Kim Kardashian twitter comment – Wednesday guffaws at

Funny shopping cart ecard at

Funny airplane cartoon at

Funny dog run sign fail at

Funny timeline meme at

How your friends see your car meme – Wednesday guffaws at

I couldn’t find my earphones meme at

Suspense is killing me meme at

Sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan at

Parking at my grandma’s birthday meme at

Funny bumblebee meme – Wednesday guffaws at

Funny pre-gangbang Facebook fail at

Cleavage caddy at

Mom can I funny graph at

Identifying book funny at

You’re reading this in my voice humor – Wednesday guffaws at

This program is not responding funny graph at

Funny volume control during a movie at night at

Funny thought of the day at

Would you use that toilet funny comment at

Funny flush the toilet sign at

Peacocks are like rave turkeys meme – Wednesday guffaws at

Send glitter to the people you hate at

My dog was licking his nuts humor at

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