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Funnies Pictorama edition – making your Saturday right

Weekend Funnies Pictorama edition – Time to chill, laugh, put stress aside, and enjoy life for at least 24 more hours; so why not treat yourself to our little daily gallery of funny pictures. Today’s special is a blend of all sorts of humor, sarcasm, satire, irony, cute and naughty, so chances are you might just get a few chuckles out of it!
Please feel free to kick off your shoes and make yourselves at home.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Ronaldo guess who meme
Mommy needs to go to detox book
Disney logic funny
No European alien invasion funny meme
my book of pretty pussies
please photoshop my picture funny
tetris soccer edition
mc Donald fail
meals on wheels
Geek do not disturb funny
naughty waldo ecard
Gordon Ramsay this cake meme
Macarena football demotivational
xbox versus Nintendo meme
a picture of your girlfriend topless
boy George grumpy cat meme
look how cheap gas use to be demotivational
I’m taking a nap football meme
whenever I piss off my girlfriend meme
Naughty teapot
a little boy with diarrhea joke
here’s an idea funny
Bill Gates decided to hide money under his bed
bad boy messi meme
pyramid of girls this guy
shout dirty to me
sperm bank funny
I don’t always show youtube videos to my friends meme
Ribery long arm meme
Kermit naughty
Kim Jong Un meme
100 ways of saying FU
you must go to your people football funny
jealous girlfriend sim meme
Mario cart
take an umbrella they said
how many penalties would you like today funny
chuck Norris grizzly bear meme
Frisbee fail
the teacher said you can take notes meme
spring is here meme
let’s tango football meme
dear satan funny xmas
motor boat funny
walking my fish like a boss
now arm tattoo
stupid you are yoda meme
well played book store
the dance of my people football
F U key
Iron Man irony
worst backslap mark ever
dog payback funny
glory hole church
kids how do you decide who you marry
there was a spider meme
Ronaldo’s ball control meme
anal road

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