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Saturday LMAO – Boost up the craze factor

Saturday LMAO – Whenever you feel like whining about time flying fast during the weekend, please bear in mind that for over 27 million Nepalese, today Saturday marks the last day of the week and the only weekly holiday over in Nepal. In the eventuality where on the other hand boredom seems to be the name of the game today, may we suggest vampire hunting as a possible leisure? Indeed, Saturday is known as being the perfect day to indulge in this discipline, as on this specific day, the latter are confined to their coffins so make far easier targets. Finally, if procrastination mode has been selected, you can always check out the following gallery of funny pictures.

Wishing you a bright PMSLweb moment!

Spiderman and uncle Bens gif at

Whoever has my voodoo doll – Saturday LMAO at

Article placement fail at

Creation of the internet at

In Australia if it can’t kill you  - Saturday LMAO at

Closed sidewalk fail at

Fisher Price my first experimental hip hop album at

Selling my potato on

Petition to deport Justin Bieber at

Grumpy cat pizza – Saturday LMAO at

Gentle persuasion humor at

Kindergarten fail at

TV dinner gumballs at

Inflatable cancerous a**hole at

Death by chocolate ice-cream – Saturday LMAO at

Spoiler alert time doesn’t heal sh*t at

Tunnel of bees funny at

My spirit animal at

I am so cold pig meme at

Putin photographed taking notes – Saturday LMAO at

Advert placement fail at

My worst fear as a child was legit at

When a woman is attracted to a man funny at

Real unicorns have curves at

Moonsickness cotton fingers at

When you have dirty hands meme at

Lost a**hole cat – Saturday LMAO at

Lamb cake nailed it at

Balloon giraffe literature at

Banjo cat meme at

Wonder woman hates evil at

I drank coffee before it was cool at

Cat next to his painting at

Anger management – Saturday LMAO at

What did I sleep on last night at

Drysack wine at

Old dick chocolate at

Cat playing with rubber band at

I am a facebookaholic – Saturday LMAO at

Saying IDK without sounding stupid at

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