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Weekend laughter – Your Dominical delivery of funnies

Weekend laughter – As much as most people share an unconditional love for Friday evenings and Saturdays, Sunday is often propitious to mixed feelings. While the latter is undeniably a leading actor in the weekend saga, its role is a bitter-sweet one since it serves as a springboard for the upcoming business week, and more precisely for what probably is the most loathed day of the week: Monday. Nonetheless, one must keep in mind that Sunday’s initial purpose is to allow you to catch a breath, procrastinate and relax, so why not come and kill time over with us by checking out our latest edition of funny images….

Wishing you a chillax Sunday, a happy mother’s day and a dawdling PMSLweb moment!

Funny Kim Jong Un gif – Weekend laughter

When the DJ drops thriller at the wedding humor

Funny we could not access the electricity meter note

I haven’t seen you in forever humor

Nivea finally admits they know funny meme

Get in front of the car Grumpy cat meme – Weekend laughter

Victoria’s nightmare humor

When you fart in the car meme

Funny eagle eyebrows

Hilarious kid’s thoughts about marriage

Worst pizza box design meme

Winnie the pooh is tired of your emo bullshit humor

Funny when she’s in a bad mood but kinda horny

Funny Dalai lama advice meme – Weekend laughter

Funny dalai lama headbutt advice meme

Funny men before vs after orgasm

When she says go deeper humor

When the gardener mows the lawn on Saturday morning humor

Cat exe has stopped working humor

Your cashier today was Hung humor – Weekend laughter

Rihanna with a mustache is prince funny tweet

Trump will rebuild the death star humor

deaf people article funny fail

RIP Stuart little meme

Finish him funny cat meme

Funny laundry scam – Weekend laughter

When you find the player funny gif

Funny when you need motivation google Gordon ramsay

Where do you see yourself in 10 years cat lady humor

What’s your Gordon ramsay insult humor – Weekend laughter

Funny jihadist suicide hotline

Much shitposting I sense Yoda meme

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