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Weekend nonsense – When gibberish hits its apogee

Weekend nonsense – Our two cents… Basically, letting go of mind taunting ballast could be considered as a recurring weekend leitmotiv. No matter what the week had decided to grant you with, when the end of the weeks kicks-in, all you really need is to chill. Time to dive into the nonsense side of the force with our latest collection of funnies.

Wishing you a craze-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny a wise man knows his limitations – Weekend nonsense at

One direction versus Queen at

I’m going to bed men vs women at

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I’m not saying she’s a slut ecard at

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If only I had a brain ecard at

How green is the lettuce meme at

Funny modern Ouija cartoon at

Koala fingerprints funny science at

Sarcastic attention deficient disorder ecard at

When I don’t want to see the bad choices humor at

Funny new iPhone meme – Weekend nonsense at

Funny the man knows his tinder game at

Be good to those who are good to you sarcastic quote at

Funny sarcastic waldo at

Funny the world is not full of a**holes quote at

Scumbag fire detector meme at

There are 3 kinds of men humor – Weekend nonsense at

You can only say WTF so many times at

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Am I adopted funny meme at

You found the perfect guy meme at

Funny news near climax at

Woman astronaut meme – Weekend nonsense at

John Travolta funny meme at

Picture it, me giving a f*ck meme at

There are many things I have yet to experience in my life ecard at

While you were reading this ecard at

Your phone plan does not cover the friendzone at

Of course I’m not perfect funny quote – Weekend nonsense at

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