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Saturday humor strikes– your weekend collection of funnies

When Saturday humor strikes – We hope that the weekend has been treating you good so far, and that you’ve been enjoying the latter at its fullest. While the southern hemisphere’s inhabitants may be more and more tempted by outdoor activities as they head towards summer, those living in the northern hemisphere on the other hand may not find the same options to be very attractive, and probably will be more susceptible to induce themselves to hobbies such as snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a book for example.

Current temperature forecast for a couple of major towns across the planet, just to give ourselves a general idea:

Acapulco : 25°C
Amsterdam : 9°C
Athens : 12°C
Barcelona : 13°C
Berlin: 10°C
Brisbane: 24°C
Dublin: 7°C
Hong Kong : 11°C
Honolulu : 21°C
Kuwait city : 19°C
Las Vegas: 2°C
London: 9°C
Los Angeles: 5°C
Miami: 12°C
Montreal: -10°C
Moscow: -6°C
Nairobi: 22°C
New Delhi: 14°C
New York: – 2°C
Paris: 10°C
Reykjavik: 2°C
Rio: 28°C
Rome: 13°C
Shanghai: – 1°C
Sydney: 21°C
Tahiti: 25°C
Tokyo: 7°C
Tunis: 15°C
Vostok : – 27°C

Wishing you an entertaining and fun PMSLweb moment!

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