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Crazy Sunday – Time to dry clean your straight jacket

Crazy Sunday Colonnade – Indeed today’s Sunday, and many of us have mixed feelings when it comes to it. It’s not really Sunday itself that is problematic when you come to think of it, but we just all know what awaits us around the corner, and one can simply not just set foot into this dominical day without keeping the arrival of dreaded Monday in mind.

No doubt that Sunday can provide us with a zest of wildness if we put the “rest” aside and give it a shot though, so let’s experiment together shall we?

Wishing you a nutty PMSLweb moment!

Today a miracle occurred at Ikea
renovating a house how I spend my time
you can trust me I’m a random picture from the internet
geographical obscenity compendium
doorbell is broken, like your face if you ring it
kitchen has food meme
complementing a girl meme
Australian minister George Reid funny quote
ID card for 9 year old daughter funny
what’s you monster movie
testing the laziness off my family funny
the shithouse poet strikes again
doctors and their waiting rooms funny comment
birthday story funny
your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity
Justin Bieber listed under garbage
optimistic UK homeowner funny
Son do you know what you did wrong
now is just somebody that we use to know
zipper I hope you’re cozy in there
pepsi owns coca cola Halloween advert
pissing on justin bieber in nightclub
my kind of extreme sport
spew bag
Nintendo DS meme
the less you give a f*ck
doctor assburn
it’s park like an a**hole day
welcome to my bathroom
fly killing shotgun
Jesus Paul I’m not healing your hangover
ATM receipt prank
you baked cookies comment
video gamer problems
light saber droid sound funny
leftover management
they still think I’m part of the painting
assassin’s creed funny

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