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Wicked Wednesday humor – A collection of wild giggles

Wicked Wednesday humor – In order to worthily celebrate the midweek, and given that by now –whatever your stress-control management skills are – chances are that you’ll be up for a few immoral chuckles ; we’ve decided to treat you today to a slightly naughty and sarcasm-tainted collection of funny pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Internet, well known for bringing the best out of human nature since 1991….

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Support bacon awareness - Wicked Wednesday humor

Poor girls dying of thirst 1 like = 1 prayer humor

Funny fire breathing Godzilla toy

Funny awkward crab sideways walk

Sarcastic ADHD ecard

Funny almost payday food

I forgot to put the toilet seat down funny story – Wicked Wednesday humor

Funny door knockers note

Trying to work out what her problem is humor

Wheeler Walker explicit language country music

Sarcastic iPhone contest be like Bill

Wong on so many levels funny cartoon

Funny Jesus Christ dating profile – Wicked Wednesday humor

Funny she is built like an ant

How to top an exaggeration like a boss humor

Funny awkward  hotel bathroom window

When a woman says do what you want funny quote

Funny Facebook be like Bella

Funny sarcastic kitchen trick – Wicked Wednesday humor

Funny 6 pack close enough meme

Funny barber ball sack joke

Funny atheist pamphlet

I don’t need a “previously on” funny quote

The curse of Aaron Ramsey humor

Be like Jill leggings humor – Wicked Wednesday humor

Every time you yawn meme

Funny adult situations quote

Funny bag of onions look alike

Funny spiders if you’re cold they’re cold

Eminem and the pope joke

I hope Bigfoot is ok meme – Wicked Wednesday humor

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