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Funny Monday images – When nonsense is the name of the game

Funny Monday images – Basically, Monday is the day of the week when the majority of us are ready to go all in (Friday too, mind you…, but hey that’s still too soon..we acknowledge that), so after a very long 5s reflection time we decided to set the mood with some of the best, and most accurate nonsense we’ve been coming across these days. If one of your pet peeves is to secretly laugh behind your screens at bullsh*it your online partners in crime can pull off, then chances are that you should enjoy the following…

Wishing you an awesome new week and a rib-tickling PMSLweb moment!

Jay Z in 1939 humor – Funny Monday images

Funny owned on text message

Jabba the Trump humor

Funny fighting over race meme

When life gives you medkits meme

Download Google Chrome using Internet explorer humor

Funny last time I go laid picture – Funny Monday images

Funny 1 like = 1 prayer porn joke

Let nature take its course meme

Just because I give you advice funny quote

Funny Barber Streisand shop name

Our Oldies know the drill funny t-shirts

Funny years of bad luck joke – Funny Monday images

Popstars in 2048 humor

Bands from the 90’s funny quiz

Sarcastic grammar lesson

Funny social media grammar quote

It’s Monday sarcastic Winnie the Pooh humor

This defo is porn humor – Funny Monday images

Someone on the internet is wrong sarcastic ecard

When the guy with the nut allergy starts talking shit humor

Hilarious Amin Yashed

Hilarious revolution painting caption

Funny Trump and evolution

Pull my finger cat meme

KFC payment is offline funny fail – Funny Monday images

Giving blind people brooms joke

Funny peanut snacks translation fail

Funny how the rest of the world sees the US elections tweet

Phones are so expensive these days funny quote

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