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A funny computer and internet dedicated picture collection

Today Monday, we have decided to treat you to a funny computer and internet picture compilation. What follows will flirt with various aspects of the computer universe; the technology, important brand names that you are use to encounter on a daily basis, as well as social networking evidently; no doubt that you’ll somehow quickly feel “at home”.

Wishing you a fantastic new week and a geeky-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Sheep at Apple gif at

USB humor – Funny computer pictures at

Windows car vs apple car at

Facebook I don’t care button at

Shopping for a new PC meme – Funny computer pictures at

We can’t do the surgery Facebook likes funny at

FB helping you reconnect with people you haven’t spoken to for years

Funny tumblr computer battery comment at

LQTM the new lol – Funny computer pictures at

Creating a password humor at

Finger prints and NSA humor at

Facebook’s batman cartoon at

How to create an invisible folder in windows at

I am out of control keys – Funny computer pictures at

How boys google vs how girls google at

Good morning babe computer meme at

Loss of jobs at Yahoo explained at

I don’t always use internet explorer at

FB + I = FBI – Funny computer pictures at

The cure for internet addiction at

Youtube ads never buffer at

Apple computer mailbox – Funny computer pictures at

Never talk about your relationship on facebook at

Windows detecting problems funny at

Doing laundry facebook ecard at

Windows solitaire fact  at

People you may know on Facebook ecard at

The computer froze meme – Funny computer pictures at

Cap locks humor at

Google Atari breakout at

Google closed prank – Funny computer pictures at

Internet explorer humor at

Computer modem meme at

Google toilet paper at

How to fix a computer at

Should I upload it facebook – Funny computer pictures at

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