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Humoristic pics – Rowing your funny bone through the week

Humoristic pics – Time for us to taint your Tuesday with a new gallery of funnies. The midweek coast is now clearly visible on the horizon, and as you surf through the tumultuous waters which still separate you from the weekend, this milestone is the first official one of the list, so you can high-five yourself.

Wishing you a bright PMSLweb moment!

Taylor Swift versus Ryu gif at

How Brits see Australia – Humoristic pics at

North Korea air force funny at

Did you just say diet cat meme at

When you have a hate my job day at

Mother’s spit can clean anything ecard at

Snow-white cries gay prince – Humoristic pics at

Happy mother’s day KFC – Humoristic pics at

Darth Vader facebook likes funny at

Speed limit fail at

Dick’s sign at

Escape button he finally did it at

Jesus this one time I got hammered meme at

Ghost singles funny – Humoristic pics at

Resident evil bed cover at

Internet is forever fail at

Injured man selfie meme at

Selfie gone wrong – Humoristic pics at

C word humor at

Tunnel of just friends cartoon at

Wine a little sign at

Funny diarrhea meme at

Said no girlfriend ever meme at

Start ya bastard Aussie product – Humoristic pics at

Windows media player humor at

Troop loops at

E accent funny at

Nick’s hours – Humoristic pics at

Harmacist sign at

Girlfriend test at

Holy water in vending machine at

Biggest amazon item shipped at

Baked beans earn free gas sign at

Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day meme at

Jealous boyfriends be like meme at

Jealous boyfriend meme – Humoristic pics at

USB fail – Humoristic pics at

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