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Computer humor – A cyber world compilation of funnies

Today we have decided to put together a computer humor compilation; because while these days we tend to enjoy laughing about more or less anything, let’s not forget that some of our most brightest – and ironic – giggles find their source in our very own households or workplaces every time we switch on the power buttons of our computers and other cyber-world linked devices.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer dance – Computer humor at

Wishing you a derided PMSLweb moment!

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer not a web browser at

Internet explorer forever alone – Computer humor at

Perfect user for internet explorer meme at

Internet explorer has encountered a problem at

Internet explorer funny desktop – Computer humor at

Internet explorer meme at

Internet explorer how may we help you humor at

Sad internet explorer meme – Computer humor at

Internet explorer Star Wars meme at

Browse porn with internet explorer meme at

Microsoft Windows

Windows update restart your computer humor at

Windows error reporting humor at

Windows can’t find the website humor at

Windows defuse the bomb humor at

Windows 1 second left meme at

Scumbag windows never shuts down at

Windows explorer has stopped working at

Pokemon blue screen of death Microsoft at

Best Microsoft advertising ever – Computer humor at

PS3 copies Microsoft’s Xbox one meme at

Bill Gates hires lazy people meme at

Windows 7 meme – Computer humor at

Windows updating your computer meme at

Thank you Windows meme at

Go home windows 8 you’re drunk at

JPG already exists meme – Computer humor at

Restart your computer meme at

Microsoft Word & Clippy the paper-clip

Microsoft word meme at

Microsoft word want to indent that one line at

Microsoft word paper clip the original troll on

Microsoft clippy the scumbag – Computer humor on

Microsoft clippy the troll at

Microsoft clippy pops up for no reason at

Microsoft clippy did you know – Computer humor at

Microsoft paperclip on airport screen at

Microsoft word demotivational at

Google & Chrome

Google search results humor at

Google dead Pakistani on my couch at

Google incognito window meme – Computer humor at

Google love meme – Computer humor at

Facebook stalking on google meme at

Google demotivational at

Google chrome and Power rangers meme at

Google search meme at

Google earth meme – Computer humor at

Google earth overly attached girlfriend at

Adobe & Youtube

Adobe reader meme on

Adobe updater humor at

Update Adobe meme – Computer humor at

Youtube lullaby video meme at

Youtube humor at

Pausing a video on Youtube – Computer humor at

Youtube every day I’m buffering at

Youtube buffering humor at

Et voilà …

Love my computer day –Computer humor at

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