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Amusing Hump day – Cheeky Wednesday funnies

Amusing Hump day – If ever you’re in need for a wicked giggle or two, why not take a minute to go through our latest midweek collection of devilish goodies. Brash, bold and saucy, are what tends to sum up the latter, so you’ve been warned.

Wishing you a ballsy PMSLweb moment!

Never underestimate idiots – Amusing Hump day at

I accept the apology ecard at

Funny balloon hipster edit at

You put the you in FU at

Find the girl funny at

I can count to one humor – Amusing Hump day at

I fingered a unicorn hipster edit at

You are mad about something on the internet humor at

Funny stupidity ecard at

Men’s best friend funny at

How to provoke a gamer  - Amusing Hump day at

I’m pretty sure you don’t know what you’re talking about at

Dating a mom demotivational at

The last thing I want to do is hurt you ecard at

FU train hipster edit at

Ikea humor trust at

Dumbass of the week – Amusing Hump day at

Sh*t I don’t care about ecard at

Police are on their way humor at

Ikea Eiffel tower at

Every time you open your mouth funny quote at

Would an idiot do that humor at

Social networks better than big brother at

Never argue with an idiot quote – Amusing Hump day at

Stupidity is not a disability at

That 70’s show sarcasm at

Funny mastercard parody at

Funny breeds of corgis at

Funny breeds of corgis at

Funny dad gifts son cartoon – Amusing Hump day at

What your email address says about you at

Funny religion on facebook at

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