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Happy Thursday funnies – Time to practice for the WE

Happy Thursday funnies – This time tomorrow go figure where our reckless minds will have decided to wander off to. Just right now mind you, it’s probably better if that specific piece of info remains in the dark. In the meantime, let’s treat ourselves to the latest collection of funnies shall we?

Wishing you a silly PMSLweb moment!

Princess Peach birth control at

One does not simply cancel a print job meme at

I think therefore we have nothing in common at

Forever alone with his Xbox at

Lying through your teeth funny at

Your slippers peed themselves meme at

Tick warning humor – Happy Thursday funnies at

When you open a can cat humor at

Primitive cologne funny cartoon at

Funny google + meme at

Friendzone hipster edit at

Funny umbrella hipster edit at

Your daughter’s name funny ecard – Happy Thursday funnies at

I’d climb up your ego ecard at

Sarcastic husband joke at

Haters I’m your hero ecard at

Funny join the army bumper sticker at

Funny the pope is coming sign at

Girls forever alone at

Jesus my body rises cartoon – Happy Thursday funnies at

Me and my smell funny book at

That awkward moment dressed as a police car at

She uses internet explorer humor at

I ate everything hipster edit at

Ebola tweet fail at

Douchebag driver meme  - Happy Thursday funnies at

WTF T-shirt on sale at

Dear Facebook funny cartoon at

Funny video game football at

Pepe video game fail at

Funny football gif – Happy Thursday funnies at

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