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Animal Kingdom Funnies – Beyond precious as always

Animal Kingdom Funnies - Here’s one for all the animal lovers out there and especially for all those who believe that “we can learn so much from animals”. Most of the time this particular saying tends to be accurate no doubt, and while we should often take example on them, in some cases they also can clearly show us what we definitely should avoid doing at all costs.

he likes the outdoors
Why should dogs have all the fun?
just plug him in
Autonomy depends on species
will you let him out
Please free Pandora!
cat from downunder
Down under the leg
come here baby
Come closer baby, don’t be afraid!
right at your door
Ever heard of the cat Watchtower?
doing it right
They had a bad reputation in the neighborhood
Learning the hard way
Learning the hard way
The cat is high
Russian cats: doing it right
born to be wild
Born to be wild
And please don’t look back
he can do it
Being determined, definition of….
family valors
We are family
I'll be there for you
How to choose your friends
words of wisdom
how it should be done
And there you go!
it's pointless
When you cannot take much more
musical cat
Give us a scratch!
I want one
Never too early to start idea hunting for next Christmas
where has that finger been?
Where has that finger been sweety?
what friendship is about
What friendship is about
seperated at birth
Separated at birth and finally reunited
My plan is working out just fine
My plan is working out just fine
Loving the mouse
Is it as good for you as it is for me?
don't tell him
Some things you just prefer not knowing
don't forget your wallet
Up for a little slap and tickle handsome?
I spy with my little eye
Now what are you looking at?
Please open the window
Like what you see don’t ya?
a bad bad fish
Check me out Spielberg!
Got the pussy stuck?
The situation was driving him nuts
Major catch
The sum mum of our career fellas!
Don't play with him
Time to go all-in
back in those days
Back when kitty litter wasn’t perfumed
you got a problem?
Are you for real?
A serious cat study
Cats & science
Lion doing it right
At least in the meantime she’s off my back
You'll see it's easy
The traditional way
you're too funny man
Got to keep the master entertained I guess
quality time for the family
Treating your family to quality time
Never far with skype
Skype: Keeping in touch with those you love
no way!
Not gonna happen
I'll be there have no fear
He’ll be going nowhere
now just look at him
Because he deserves a chance like any otter one
what's up bro
InI must ell di i’s dat InI am Rasta too
what on earth is that
Changing your vision of a WE at the beach forever
Let's find that fox
Now let’s find that fox bro’s!
she really is
Didn’t I tell you my girlfriend was a real b….
It's alright cat
As long as you’re there for me in hard times
Not just a myth
Now one word about curiosity killing the cat I swear…
the dog way
Seeing the world through my eyes
just chill ya know
So got someone in your life gorgeous?
The game was cute
What did you think the game was all about?
Perfect with the kids
All the kids love him
bye bye teddy bear
Hope you enjoyed your stay

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