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Surprise pictures… you never know what to expect!

Surprise pictures! A collection of ‘long’ photo and picture strips….yes, yet another PMSLweb moment.
Make place for the ‘Biggies’!

what to expect with Baby
Baby taking advantage of your unconditional love : He can do it!
not easy to be a banana
Pleasing Mister banana isn’t always easy
who are you
So which one are you?
you never know what to find at the end of the road
BOOH! Didn’t expect that did you?
The right way to do it
Your Missus will never let you down
You decide
Facial hair can play a leading role
yes they are
Ever wondered what purpose eyebrows served? Now you know…
Memory lane
It could of been you
the original M.Monroe picture
What they decided never to show…until now!
hey hey hey
Hey Hey Hey plonk
be honest
You got them all right? I seriously doubt it
the small pleasures of life
It’s easy to rationalize after all
buy a brain
The fact that it’s so ‘natural’ for some people makes it scary for us
because you love your kids
Yet another for the fridge
pineaple of course
Evidently someone just had to stick out
it's an art
Getting the angle right rocks
still deny?
Just in case anyone STILL had doubts
scare your kids
Best way ever to freak out your kiddos at Christmas
Sopa doing it right
SOPA fail
why Subaru, why?
Subaru’s epic fail
they need to be
Because super heroes need to be orphans in order for it to work
when woman do it right
Now how do you get out of this one without collateral damage?
someone is in for a surprise
Someone’s in for a surprise the next morning
it's art
The art of being a woman
World maps simplified
someway or another
Someway or another…

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