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PMSLweb miscellaneous posts which will often get you thinking out of the box

Miscellaneous pictorama – Hidden goodies of the Internet


Miscellaneous pictorama – During our long and wild surfing sessions we often come across hidden gems left and right. These pictures which cover various topics, have been granted a category of their own, and once in a while we like to treat you to a special miscellaneous picture post…. So here goes! Wishing you an interesting PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Miscellaneous pics – A compilation of internet treats


Miscellaneous pics – It’s been a while now since we last treated you to a compilation of unclassified goodies that we sometimes come across during our never-ending hours of internet scavenging. Most of the time, we hang onto these gems which do not seem to fall into any of our other categories, and dedicate them a post of their own ... Read More »

Preparing Halloween – The funny Costume Collection

Funny Halloween costume the finger

Preparing Halloween – Only a few days to go before Halloween comes knocking at your door, and by Halloween we mean troops of dedicated vampires, witches, pumpkins and other creepy folks… but not only! These days creativity seems to be the name of the game, and you truly never really know what to expect when the door bell rings; you ... Read More »

Hump Day Misc – Miscellaneous pictures galore!

Han Solo funny theory

Hump Day Misc – From time to time on PMSLweb we like to treat you to a little miscellaneous collection – goodies us internet scavengers have gathered left and right across the web during our never ending quest to make you smile, and today seemed like the perfect moment to do just that. The various pictures which follow wouldn’t really ... Read More »

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