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PMSLweb miscellaneous posts which will often get you thinking out of the box

The miscellaneous picture collection: A Tuesday treat

even a toilet can handle one a at the time

The miscellaneous picture collection – Once more we have been dedicating time to what we do the best: Playing the Web scavengers, in order to find and share hidden goodies! Today we are pleased to be able to submit to you a bran new collection of miscellaneous pictures we hope you will enjoy. Wishing you an entertaining moment! Forever ... Read More »

Miscellaneous Moment – Various goodies found on the Web

grocery list art

Miscellaneous Moment – Sometimes you stumble across various interesting pictures and facts that you tend to stop on, when they weren’t necessarily what you were looking for in the first place, because they suddenly catch all your attention; may they be interesting, quite funny, intelligent or even sad.   On Piss Myself Laughing we have decided to dedicate a post ... Read More »

Behind the scenes… What you don’t get to see


  Behind the scenes – What do you think that Harrison Ford thinks of Monday mornings, have you ever imagined Darth Vader taking off his respiratory system at noon in order to gobble up a sandwich, now what happens when Spiderman needs to take a leak – does he just pull down his costume over his ankles and go for ... Read More »

Buy an island? – How and where, just follow the guide…

Buy an island at

Want to buy an island? – Who has never declared that the day he’d win the pools he’d move or even BUY an island? Let’s face it, it’s one of everyone’s biggest fantasies, and it’s far from being surprising that those who have a substantial bank account more than often actually do end up doing so. Oki so now let’s ... Read More »

Mashups Money/People – One original way to use money

Money Mashup

Money & People Mashups – These past years people around the world wide web seem to have found a new ,fun and original way to use their money – and one that does not involve spending it which is always a must for sure. This new trend quickly spread around and below you will find what we consider to be ... Read More »

Bigfoot Art – an amazing GIF sequence

Big foot art

Bigfoot Art -The Bigfoot myth goes on fascinating a generation after the other, may you believe in him or not. Bigfoot, also known under the name of Sasquatch is believed to live in the forest of Pacific Northwest region of North America, is said to be around 3 meters tall for a weight of around 230 kilos. The size of ... Read More »

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