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Miscellaneous pics – A compilation of internet treats

Miscellaneous pics – It’s been a while now since we last treated you to a compilation of unclassified goodies that we sometimes come across during our never-ending hours of internet scavenging. Most of the time, we hang onto these gems which do not seem to fall into any of our other categories, and dedicate them a post of their own as it’s the case today.

Wishing you an engaging PMSLweb moment!

Animated batman shade gif – Miscellaneous pics at

Ordered out of Saudi Arabia because his looks would distract women at

Chased a car on his bike for 15min to save a girl at

Adult man finally adopted at

Mandela outside artwork at

Fire fighter loses his life after saving a little girl at

Star Wars popsicles – Miscellaneous pics at

Funny alarm clocks at

Playing GTA on a movie screen at

Weird hunter story at

Amazing wooden laptop at

Gander international airport fact – Miscellaneous pics at

Christmas gifts for the homeless at

Russian couple reunited after 60 years at

Power ranger Jason David Frank at

Largest swimming pool in the world at

Music piracy before computers – Miscellaneous pics at

Cat sofa at

Battery hack at

Some of the most powerful images ever at

First year without a valentine at

Toasting knife – Miscellaneous pics at

Scary Pocahontas truth at

Gang of women in India at

Bill Gates facts at

Shigeru Miyamoto at

Effects of cold water – Miscellaneous pics at

Sister and deaf friend at

How to teach your cat to poop in the toilet at

Crushproof ball in case of natural disaster at

Floating house on the sea at

Interesting fact about chocolate – Miscellaneous pics at

Faith in humanity restored at

How to deal with a broken screen at

Which European country polls at

Water changes everything at

Evolution explained at

Spider nope tattoo – Miscellaneous pics at

Lamborghini Aventador at

Body heat and emotions at

Choosing a cat at the pet shelter at

Google like a boss at

The bottom of the sea strip at

Gold digger humor – Miscellaneous pics at

Seven Samurai wall painting at

Firefighter resuscitating a mother cat at

Celine Dion’s house at

Optical illusion beard at

Advertising wins at

Miele advertising win – Miscellaneous pics at

Photoshop gone wild at

Facebook prank at

Which tongue are you at

Loved to death at

Blind puppy tossed in trash – Miscellaneous pics at

Faith in dogmanity restored at

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