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Tuesday Oddities – Thinking slightly out of the box

Tuesday Oddities – Today we have decided to dedicate our post to a few interesting pictures which caught our attention lately, as you will see, for various reasons as many topics are covered here. Enjoy!

Wishing you an absorbing PMSLweb moment!

birds with arms - Tuesday oddities at
7 of the weirdest hotels around the world
U2 concert in Glasgow fact
weird expensive paintings
bouncy balls in san Francisco
coincidence or not - Tuesday oddities at
nasa studies spiders on drugs
underwater surfboard picture
which birthdates are more common
my wife tried selling her shoes on ebay
amazing painting - Tuesday oddities at
story of the loneliest whale in the world
if earth had rings like the sun
face-off with a deadly predator
Beijing subway allows to pay with plastic bottles
this is business - Tuesday oddities at
interesting pavement creation
the periodic table of tables
somewhere in your brain you are wrong
it is just a kitchen sink
homeless dogs in Moscow - Tuesday oddities at
an RV is nicer than your house
when a male penguin falls in love
a detailed look at sex injuries
let’s talk a bit about hungary
couple does 19 months diet
Christmas decoration fail - Tuesday oddities at
murder or suicide
asian women feet
website visits interesting stats
the shocker - Tuesday oddities at
National orgasm day

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