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The miscellaneous picture collection: A Tuesday treat

The miscellaneous picture collection – Once more we have been dedicating time to what we do the best: Playing the Web scavengers, in order to find and share hidden goodies!
Today we are pleased to be able to submit to you a bran new collection of miscellaneous pictures we hope you will enjoy.

Wishing you an entertaining moment!

life before the computer age

security glass advertising

I see dumb people they are everywhere

you either married or gave birth to it

dressing as charlie sheen for halloween

barbie comes with GI joe

claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces funny

man sick funny

airbus A380 landing humor

daddy wanted a blowjob

goldfish has the runs

alien kitty litter

expensive dell nipple shipping

finding someone to blame funny

snow white dwarfs you can walk

dvd rewinder gadget

fat lady in bed with skinny man

swimming pool forever alone

Forever alone

this is a room full of people funny

nasty cat fridge magnet

One nasty fridge magnet

hurry the f up should be a virtue

witty posts ruined by inability to spell

sheep technology

Sheep inside!

we are friends yourecards

the must funny and beautiful girl funny quote

nice meeting you and forgot your name as you said it

car love imprint

tree love funny

joggers always find the bodies

umbrella road sign

funny magazine for married men

ho ho ho lawsuit file

sony screws you special

Sony’s “screw you” special

plane and lovers

Oh look, a plane!

sleeping beauty humor

walking your dog the lazy way

you get on the 7 trillion nerves i have

the children still get in

even a toilet can handle one a at the time

place bono can't live

husband gives impression to have cleaned the whole house

santa's workshop will melt in summer

computer bum art

not enough dressing my salad tastes like salad

second hand condoms

mark twain never argue with stupid people

happy we've reached that level of friendship yourecards

thomas paine reason quote funny

broken glass kungfu panda advert

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