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Daily funnies – Our Thursday selection of funny pics

Daily funnies – This time tomorrow many of you will be in the weekend starting blocks, stamping impatiently, your favorite moment of the week as usual omnipresent in the back of your minds. In the meantime though, you must deal with the fact that it’s still only Thursday, the day when back in the 50’s and 60’s, if you were a high-schooler and decided to wear green you were believed to be gay… No joke, it was suppose to be a secret sign.
Anyway long story short, solutions will be needed in order to kill time, so why add to the list our selection of daily funnies; a few chuckles is always a good plan.

Wishing you a jokey PMSLweb moment!

Snails on Noah’s ark funny cartoon – Daily funnies

Bush and the Trump tower meme

Best engine in the world is the vagina funny quote

Linguistics professor joke

Funny Poseidon’s cat is out again

Ted 3 humor

Watching shit on TV meme – Daily funnies

Daft punk quick cooking humor

Licking your nose like a boss gif

Funny ice cube dreams

Funny sign translation fail

It’s school not shooting range funny tweet

College advertising fail

Funny I’ll be back gif – Daily funnies

Crawfish lives matter humor

A group of kids is called a migraine humor

Sleep off the lonely times animated

I’d tap that ass mug meme

No you make me a sandwich humor

Funny suggestive urinals – Daily funnies

Illegal’s are coming funny Trump GoT

Monkey steals the peach funny technique

Funny wrestling love

Her head looks like the first slice of bread humor

She wanted a MK bag joke

Sweet old lady misses her husband joke – Daily funnies

Football in a nutshell humor

Trained drinking monkey funny advert

Porn actor medical certificate

Boys will be boys meme

If I owned a plane I would do this humor – Daily funnies

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