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Daily funnies – Starting off the week on the right foot

Daily funnies – Bearing in mind that putting the weekend behind us and starting a new week rarely turns out to be an easy or joyful task, once more we have decided to try and help you (and ourselves, let’s face it) spike up the general mood a tad. Up for a little nonsense and a few wicked chuckles? Perfect, then just follow the guide…

Wishing you a productive new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Me every Monday gif – Daily funnies

Funny man fact

Jazz addicts logo fail

How do you find a vegan at a dinner party prank

Funny redshirt treatment meme

The Candy Awakens Star Wars parody – Daily funnies

Porn hub winter logo humor

Dark side selfie meme

Nose without a body joke

Funny Tesco tweet answer

Boys are lucky to have boners humor

Baby Jesus will have wicked abs humor

Funny pet store parrot description – Daily funnies

Funny if you’re this tall sign

Funny frozen f*ck off gif

Funny choose your nickname wisely with Siri

Funny medieval painting caption

Funny we all have that one hand quote

Funny spoiled milk – Daily funnies

Funny emotional baggage

Funny Tom hanks fapping gif

Why we say goodbye humor

Do I take pictures of you cleaning your arse cat humor

Cat knocking down a few drinks funny cartoon

Nobody is happy with what they have funny cartoon

Hitler kettle look alike – Daily funnies

Funny tattoo warning

Asian game of thrones fail

Funny reasons for death in Call of Duty graph

We get less intelligent every generation meme

Scumbag brain at night humor

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