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Friday funniness – A TGIF edition of nonsense

Friday funniness – The most awaited day of the week (well for many) is finally here. Before allowing yourself to go full wacko in a few hours from now, warming up a little is always a wise thing to do. Time to start letting go of all the stress and grudges that have slowly built up during the week, in order to kick-start the weekend in the best ever conditions (aka IDGAF climax).Our collection of daily funnies has just hit our playground’s virtual racks, so why not start there?

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead, and a side-splitting PMSLweb moment!

CPR joke – Friday funniness

What do you do at an Adele concert humor

My wife is named Ho joke

My bed is a magical place funny quote

Funny I love hip hop T-shirt comment

Funny British Muslim status

Doge has ruined my ability to speak humor

Funny Asian cat costume – Friday funniness

Funny the rock driving meme

Family scrabble night humor

Racists be like funny cartoon

Funny four Fs explanation

Funny lady boy in Thailand joke

Funny dog humping Thanksgiving Turkey – Friday funniness

Funny toothpaste cartoon

Funny upgrade to Windows 10 messages

Is it possible to be raped by yourself yahoo question fail

He fingered a girl once hilarious Youtube comment

Funny beluga whale joke

Hilarious speeding ticket fail

Funny comet cat meme – Friday funniness

Funny coffin for sale comment

Funny Facebook makes you judge people cartoon

Funny hospital joke

Your throat hurts meme

Brazilian getting blown off humor

Funny spicy chicken transformation

Funny historical marker – Friday funniness

Funny family feud meme fail

Please don’t season the pigeons meme

Funny male octopus joke

Funny beluga dolphin animated

People with no sense of humor funny quote

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