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Daily memes and funny pics – Tuesday funnies collection

Daily memes and funny pics – Before kick-starting today’s Tuesday funnies, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of those whom lost their lives yesterday in Toronto as well as to those injured during this horrific event. This truly is turning out to be a very sick & nasty world and our heart aches for you.

Toronto April 2018

We will cut short on the monologue today and just invit those in need for a few smiles to check out our latest selection of LMAO pics and memes.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Funny Homer Simpson optical illusion - Daily memes and funny pics

Baby is about to go viral funny sarcastic meme

Get in loser we're going crying funny The Cure meme

I wonder what places I've visited for the last time funny comment

Rare picture of a cat losing one of its nine lives funny meme

You're just a slut sarcastic humor - Daily memes and funny pics

Toothpaste wants you to let it die funny comic

Funny ice cubes tray meme

George Bush on Tinder humor

When you both select the same character in a fighting game funny meme

You've scrolled long enough sarcastic meme - Daily memes and funny pics

Geography classes in 2040 funny meme

Man super glues asshole closed humor

Funny Japanesus meme

Cop distracting girl from dying dad inappropriate humor

Zuckerberg trending on Google funny fail - Daily memes and funny pics

Photo of a man who has run out of fucks to give funny meme

Funny cat jump fail

How much for a hand job funny meme

On my way to Maury funny meme - Daily memes and funny pics

When she appoints you as the guy she calls when she is horny funny meme

When your friend runs into someone you've never met funny meme

When someone rich bumps into you funny meme

Don't post that you're going to stir the pot funny meme

Funny glass panic line - Daily memes and funny pics

Local zoo has an interesting new exhibit humor

Elmo is in the wrong neighborhood funny Sesame Street meme

Me with my squad funny sarcastic meme

The cats have been fed funny sign - Daily memes and funny pics

Hilarious naked selfie

Funny sarcastic Windows update

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