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Funny pictures collection – Your daily dose of LOL

Funny pictures collection – Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that the new week hasn’t been too rough on you so far and that the latter has miraculously turned out to be moron-free (if ever you’ve been that lucky I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much though… just saying!). A piece of advice, whatever you do – and even if things seem to be going smoothly – don’t forget to allocate yourself a little procrastination time left & right in order to keep in check your mental sanity. That being said, if you’re currently looking for some funny quality nonsense to waste a few minutes on, please feel free to check out our latest collection of funny daily pics.

Wishing you a laugh out loud PMSLweb moment!

When salespeople keep coming up to you funny meme - Funny pictures collection

Funny sarcastic text message

Funny male privilege comment

I built my kingdom funny meme

When I see someone I have yet to disappoint funny meme

Funny sarcastic Trevor Noah response - Funny pictures collection

Posting bullshit on Internet humor

Thought that fat dude was the soccer ball humor

Me watching my friends go on with their lives humor

Dear Amazon, I bought a toilet seat funny tweet

Trolling my sleeping friend with a paper napkin funny meme

Just spotted an AMD user funny meme - Funny pictures collection

When the only thing you explore is the fridge funny meme

He is the last of a generation funny meme

When people ask what it's like when I'm not wearing my glasses funny tweet

Funny vaping sphinx meme - Funny pictures collection

Funny T-Rexorcist poster

Looking to purchase a kitten funny comment

The bible says being gay is fine funny post

The world has lost the 2 men who knew the most about black holes funny meme

You only see it the first time funny meme - Funny pictures collection

When you made the cut on Facebook funny sarcastic meme

The 4 types of neighbors funny meme

If you don't want people to argue with you on the Internet sarcastic meme

Place names in Iceland that will help you understand Dyslexia humor

Funny stupid Amazon river post - Funny pictures collection

Stupid people to that side of the Internet sarcastic gif - Funny pictures collection

What was ruined because too many people started doing it funny comment

Finding the one that makes your heart skip a beat funny quote

I'm no longer late for anal funny meme

How did they fit all that stupid  sarcastic meme - Funny pictures collection

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