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Funny Posts and Comments – Social media goodies

Funny Posts and Comments – Over the years the Internet has become our number one source for what is of sharing opinions, hacks, news, giving advice and coming in help to fellow Internet users worldwide. Evidently though, the use of this gigantic melting-pot/fantastic tool comes at a price, and from time to time we just cannot resist in treating you to the social media goodies we stumble upon during our long hours of Internet scavenging. May you be a huge social media fan or just get a kick out of reading other peep’s posts and comments, you defo should give the following post a shot!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny posts and comments

Did you try rice funny comment

Han Solo could have lived longer funny comment

Transgender finds love funny comment

Your lips, I kiss that funny comment - Funny posts and comments

Funny comment on school warning

Dog still waits for me to get off the bus funny post

Funny Pornhub answer to Fortnite tweet

Reblog is you believe in fidget spinner earth funny comment

What fictional character would you like to have sex with funny comment

Apple is just disrespecting yall funny post

How much do you charge for your blankets funny text message

What does our relationship mean funny text - Funny posts and comments

The friendzone has elected you president funny post

Someone had a crush on you funny comment

Australia needs to invent a Shazam on spiders funny tweet

Funny suck his titties comment - Funny posts and comments

Funny tweet about the stock market

Come and smash with your mother funny text

Caption this funny comment

I just graduated from art school funny tweet

I wish airports would split security lines funny tweet - Funny posts and comments

Funny comment on Demi Lovato tweet

Cereal bags should have ziploc closures by now funny tweet

Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun funny stupid post

Day and night explained to flat earthers funny post

Your sister and I are going to McDonalds funny text

I'm that kid you're friends with for the first few days at school funny post

How ugly guys find such fine women funny comment - Funny posts and comments

Bilingual culture explained funny tweet

You are a friend whore funny text message

Picture of a dress sent to the wrong number funny text message

In French you say tu me manques funny comment

When people put group pics on Tinder humor - Funny posts and comments

 I'm not gay I play football funny post

Girl gives herself an insulin shot in class funny tweet

My dick is called life funny comment

Cats are God's perfect killing machines funny tweet

What is an extreme sport funny comment - Funny posts and comments

In 2020 Apple will unveil their first car funny comment

I don't understand how some people don't explore the world funny comment

Send nudes funny Facebook joke - Funny Posts and comments

My sister is a lesbian and I'm gay funny hack

There's a rabbit on my bus funny comment

What kind of satanic shit is this funny comment

Microwave a foil ball for 3 min funny prank - Funny Posts and comments

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