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FIFA World cup best of – The 2014 world cup in a nutshell

FIFA World cup best of – Last Sunday, a billion people were expected to watch the FIFA ‘s world cup 2014 final (100 million more than London’s 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony) headlining two monsters as far as football is concerned: Argentina and Germany.

Let’s be honest, summing up this world cup seems close to impossible given the number of surprises and turnarounds we got to witness; and before going any further we would like to bring to your attention the fact that all of what follows must not in any case be taken seriously or personally as it’s just good old second degree mocking humor evidently.

After getting over the initial surprise of seeing teams such as England, Italy, Portugal or the prior world champion Spain get eliminated before reaching the second stage, honestly our hearts bled for Brazil and the Brazilian population in particular during the Seleçao’s quarter and semi-final matches. Indeed, we are all aware of how much widespread poverty is in Brazil, and understand the enormous controversy linked to hosting an event such as the world cup on a financial level. One thing that has always made the pride/joy of the Brazilian nation is their football, and regardless of the previously mentioned economic disagreements, the nation remained behind its team, even willing to put behind them what they had perceived as a public humiliation during the semi-final when Brazil lost 7 – 1 to Germany, putting their hearts into singing a memorable and very touching national anthem before the play-off for the third place…. At that point, a great number of viewers worldwide were also hoping that Brazil would snap-up and offer the world cup 2014’s hosts the game they so badly deserved, but once more fate had decided otherwise (with all due respect to the Netherlands who played a more than honorable cup evidently and who clearly deserved their 3rd place).

Finally, let’s not forget to salute and congratulate Germany, the new 2014 FIFA world cup Champions, as the latter offered us quality football during the tournament while defeating France, Brazil and finally Argentina one after each other in order to be able to raise the cup on Sunday.

Rendez-vous in 4 years for the 2018 FIFA world cup Russia & wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

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