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Wednesday fun – The lunatic camel is on its way

Wednesday fun – Hump day is here, so in order to encourage you to hang in there, we thought that we’d treat you to a little midweek treat. We hope that a new collection of wicked goodies sounds good to you… if yes, let’s not waste any more time and get stuck in!

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny Dragon ball cartoon – Wednesday fun at

How long has it been sarcastic quote at

Funny Durex father’s day at

From the first time I saw you funny quote at

Drink responsibly meme at

Chocolate tits – Wednesday fun at

Do I hate you from somewhere ecard at

The twat in the hat at

When a girl talks to a guy at

Everyone’s middle name should be humor at

Fluent in dumb bitch – Wednesday fun at

Folding machine humor at

Facebook isn’t just Facebook at

Bed cartography humor at

My girlfriend humor – Wednesday fun at

Hungarian presidential website in Braille at

Female hormones in beer at

Wow what an a** ecard at

Never again did he ask if dinner was ready at

You can bite your finger off as easily as a carrot at

Content in women’s magazine’s funny graph at

My give a shit fairy died – Wednesday fun at

Australia location fail at

Frisbee for the friendless at

Music in porno movies meme at

Theory versus practice humor at

Breaking dawn funny youtube comment at

Changing the toilet roll sarcasm – Wednesday fun at

HTML humor at

Parenting fail at

Naughty teletubbies gif at

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