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Monday PMSL – A new week of nonsense awaits you

Nobody cares about your stick figure family sticker

Monday PMSL – Because we know that kick-starting a new week is always quite hectic (given that after the weekend your motivation meter work wise is very close to nil); we figured out that a handful of chuckles couldn’t do any harm. Below you will find our latest selection of Monday funnies, so please feel free! Wishing you a brilliant ... Read More »

Monday PMSL – A funny new week gallery

when I listen to you ecard

Monday PMSL – With only a week to go, before officially entering the end of the year holiday zone for many of you, the general mood for the upcoming week, could turn out to be an interesting blend of lightheartedness and goodwill , topped up by a certain impatience. In order to help you make it through the handful of ... Read More »

Hilarious Monday – All aboard the crazy train

How it feels to write after a long time at

Hilarious Monday - For a significant part of internet users, only a handful of days separate you from the most overwhelming holidays of the year – not to mention the most expensive. Usually, as a result, work days tend to seem slightly less hectic than usual, and you will surprise yourselves to tolerate a fair amount of things that usually ... Read More »

Monday madness – A new week selection of funnies


Monday madness – When it comes to Monday, many of us have to face the five well-known stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Treating yourself to a few giggles left and right does tend to help to ease the pain nonetheless, so let’s give it a shot shall we? Wishing you a wonderful new week and ... Read More »

Wild Monday pictures – Take a walk on the wild side


Wild Monday pictures – While it’s time for us to set our minds back to work, dedicating a little quality time to our funny bone may not turn out to be a very bad idea. Indeed, if you do the math, in the long run our performances are directly linked to our mood, and the following equation sums it up: ... Read More »

Funny Monday collection – New week chuckles coming your way


Funny Monday collection – What can be better than a few smiles to set off your week on the right foot? Evidently it won’t take all the pain away, but if it can somehow help sooth our return to reality, it’s probably worth a shot… Here’s our Monday selection of funnies, that we hope will fulfill your expectations. Wishing you ... Read More »

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