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Football Funnies – aka Soccer Funnies : A Picture Collection

Football Funnies – Classified as the most famous and popular sport in the world in front of Tennis, Football (soccer for the US and Australia – the center of numerous debates) sees a number of teams challenge each other (in one-versus-one games) during various tournaments: FIFA, AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, UEFA, OFC, CONMEBOL… Many professional Football players are perceived as real celebrities and their signing-up to one prestigious club more than to another will most of the time depend on the staggering amount one will be ready to line-up to see them swell up their rank of players.

Anyway don’t get us wrong, the purpose of this post is not to give you a lecture on Football nor fill you in for what is of its rules or history, but to point out to you the joy, thrill and other panel of emotions the game provides its public and players with; And by the time you reach the end of the post, your global vision of the sport may be modified forever….

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

how to say football accross the world
What do you conclude?
football player long arm
One very long arm…
Ball control -it's about adjustment
Playing on a different field
football world cup is for wrestling lovers
Pushing entertainment to the next level
Football toilet stadium
Where to get the ball -or bowel- rolling
play football in your toilets
For those who are tired of the magazine rack
The only way Real Madrid can beat Barcelone
Fan suggestion Corner
REF he's stealing my man
Football drama – a live Broadcast
fake football injury
Acting skills are required for an optimized performanceD
football  demotivational adidas foot crush
Football: Viewer Discretion is Advised
Football funny player giving birth
A rare & beautiful moment caught on camera
Football I got this please
Doing it with style
Prehistoric football rock cartoon
Football rocks!
Ronaldo where did you get that handbag
The biggest brands know the big influence football players have on the public
football demotivational leg break
The importance of shin guards in football
soccer in China they are so many funny
Expanded team version according to demographics
don't yell at him he's just a child football
A childs innocence is precious, it should be respected.
Sorry England demotivational football funny
After Ref gathering the decision was unanimous
football player kick in the face
It was an accident I promise!
beckham's nose rocket art
Precision aiming required
Fifa 2010 barbecue station
Essential item for any FIFA purist
football field epic fail
Precarious field for zero gravity football training
kicking the goalie in the face football fail
Goalie: A diehard job!
Football demotivational the contract you did not respect it
What you do not see
go, go to your people football funny
Leaving the nest: a moment rich in emotions
I believe I can fly football funny
I believe I can touch the sky…
You try to steal my ball? I steal yours football funny
It’s only fair
funny goalie surprise pictures football
You can read the concentration & concern
Ronaldo awkward on his knees football  funny
Team buddies with benefits
The fook is this football
What a weird object
pee on field football funny
Because some things just cannot wait
football player funny jump I must go now
To the net and beyond!
football funny when migraine strikes
A new sort of wave has made its appearance in games
football demotivational funny signature celebration
A specific line of conduct must be followed in Football
football funny picture hadouken
The All-blacks have their Haka after all…
football funny Renaldo getting a bum patting
The little attentions are what really counts
face in butt football funny
Please define the word Headbutt
Football funny ball in face
Encounter of the Round Kind
football funny penalty shootout
Free-Kicks – such determinating factors
football funny landing on head
Somethings the landings are just as impressive as the take-offs
football funny violent face kick
Round 1: Fight!
football demotivational surprise encounter
A moment sponsored by Kinder Chocolates
football funny love gestures on the field
For the love of the Sport
football funny giant snowball
Football entering the Winter Sports category
football demotivational soccer not gay at all
Time to question the old theory of which came first….
vuvuzela sonata football funny
A great classical music moment
football demotivational too much whining
Suck it up boys the show must go on
usb football player key
Never too early for Christmas ideas
football demotivational zero gravity soccer
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