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Tourism on Dagobah – A Star Wars treat

Tourism on Dagobah – Unsure where to spend your next vacations and adept of thrills ? Why not give Dagobah a shot !!
Treat yourself to a fantastic adrenaline-rush powered journey which should set a smile on any Star Wars fan’s face!
Follow Luke Skywalker and R2D2 on this intergalactic wild west quest, meet Yoda and defeat Darth Vader… if you’re a true bad*ass, then Dagobah is definately the place for you.

“There it is, R2. Dagobah…I’m not picking up any cities or technology. Massive life-form readings, though. There’s something alive down there.”
―Luke Skywalker

View the EXTREME DAGOBAH Tourism Video!!

What I should know about Dagobah before my journey:
Region – Outer Rim Territories
Sector – Sluis Sector
System – Dagobah System
Suns – Darlo
Climat – Murky (Swamps, bogs, bayous & jungles)
What to visit – Yoda’s hut, Mount Yoda, Dragonsnake bog and the Darkside cave

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