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Friday Madness – A collection of insane funnies

Friday Madness – We hope that you made it through the week without too much harm, and in order to kick-start the weekend festivities , the time has come to treat you to yet another handful of wicked Friday goodies. On your marks, get set… procrastinate!

Wishing you a merry weekend and a silly PMSLweb moment!

Jaws with Samuel  L Jackson – Friday madness at

Clients who call on Friday evening humor at

Achievement unlocked left the house at

Mythbusters humor at

Funny Spiderman cartoon at

Fake Konami game – Friday madness at

Rocket launch fail at

Funny Charles Darwin quote at

Secret behind House MD humor at

Rape stove DVD at

Walking dead red shirts – Friday madness at

Funny hipster edit at

Funny book hipster edit at

Cat jump fail gif at

Funny marathon supporters at

Heavy erection sign – Friday madness at

F*ck you flowers humor at

Hat afro haircut humor at

Xbox 360 versus Nintendo 64 funny at

Chuck Norris versus Pacman gif at

Funny growing flowers book for children at

Funny Fireman book for children at

Funny golden book – Friday madness at

Funny spider meme at

Flexibility of the F word at

Catch stunt fail gif at

Snooze button funny cartoon at

Elephant and son meme – Friday madness at

Funny sitting on the road Hipster edit at

Butthurt report form at

Becoming realistic as you grow old funny cartoon at

Crude it’s LeVar Burton humor at

Satanic restaurant menu at

Adobe updates  until Christmas humor

Badass kangaroo gif – Friday madness at

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