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Fun pics – Dishing out your daily dose of funnies

Fun pics – Why not treat yourself to a chuckle powered moment with the following collection of funny pictures. Indeed, the weekend now clearly appears on the horizon, so before reaching the latter, the remaining mood requirements should just turn out to be a formality.
Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Magneto humor – Fun pics at

Funny fake durex at

Funny swag evolution at

Alarm clock in the morning funny at

Funny pitbull meme at

Funny sporking definition at

Majestic as f*ck meme – Fun pics at

Funny iPhone fail at

Stupid people on the internet at

Funny cute sandwich fail at

Mosquito bites humor at

Funny bloodsucking politics at

Mona Lisa espresso humor – Fun pics at

Funny sarcastic ecard at

Girls waking up meme at

The thing about smart people quote at

Funny alarm clock meme at

Funny couple and dog meme at

Off the mark tiger cartoon at

Coffee in the morning funny quote – Fun pics at

Friendzone maximum level meme at

Original Godzilla suit actor meme at

There are three kinds of people humor at

Rape oven video humor at

The best man explained at

Girlfriend found these in our laundry  - Fun pics at

Why is she wearing leggings at

Hazard light button meme at

Car horn meme at

Turn signal meme at

Internet Explorer humor at

Google better than bing humor – Fun pics  at

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