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LOL pics – Kick off your shoes, the weekend is here

LOL pics – Would you believe it, Friday is once more knocking at your door. In order to greet the latter’s arrival and set the mood, here’s our traditional handful of TGIF funnies. A zest of craze, an ounce of cheek, a bar spoon of mockery without omitting a dash of dazzling wit… your weekend cocktail is now ready to be consumed. May we suggest serving it on the rocks?

Wishing you a merry PMSLweb moment!

The light at the end of the tunnel humor – LOL pics at

Jesus, God and marijuana humor at

Wants a man who likes playing games in the bedroom at

Baby at the restaurant funny at

Decoding dog sniffing at

Scumbag printer humor – LOL pics at

Google porn search engine funny at

The force is strong with Samuel L Jackson at

Riding his bisexual funny autocorrect at

Intelligent DNA in women meme – LOL pics at

Kiddie tazer at

Awesome snake painting on bus at

Funny Duracell painting on bus at

Stepping in front of a bus kills at

Funny bus art – LOL pics at

Funny weight watchers art at

Funny ballsack autocorrect at

Funny did you know at

Meanwhile in Russia – LOL pics at

Two different images optical illusion at

I have Tourettes funny autocorrect at

Celery toothbrush for your colon at

In a relationship with his hand on Facebook – LOL pics at

Cum bottles funny autocorrect at

Funny daylight saving at

Optimus prime funny Youtube comment at

Taxi driver joke at

Funny iPhone techno song at

Funny Wikipedia advertising – LOL pics at

If your vagina had a password at

I love him, I love him not meme

Hadouken funny at

Mario Bros news fail at

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