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Funny adult humor – Treat yourself to a witty spin

Funny adult humor – Why have we decided to file today’s post under “funny adult humor”? Basically – long story short- the latter can include inappropriate language at moments or even flirt with political and morals values linked to our everyday lives. To sum up, please bear in mind and enjoy…

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger at

They still think I’m part of the painting – Funny adult humor at

Put your meat in my mouth funny advertising at

Camel wants his toe back sarcasm at

Moonwalk funny joke at

Funny haters quote at

F*ck all this shit meme at

Slave to technology - Funny adult humor at

George Carlin ten commandments at

Funny Herpes beer at

In charge of the BBQ meme at

Why is santa’s sack so big meme at

Warner Bros warn a brother – Funny adult humor at

Football haters gonna hate gif at

Mommy takes special medicine humor at

Watch out for flying f*cks hockey humor at

This room is full of people who think you’re funny at

Know your parasites – Funny adult humor at

To simulate living with a woman ecard at

Give her the D*ck funny quote at

Funny reproductive systems gif at

What will you dare fess up at

Titanic gravy boat at

transformers expectations versus reality at

I don’t always listen to people meme – Funny adult humor at

Honda and Hyundai funny at

Lucky bugger in road accident gif at

Pregnancy test fail at

Haters use to be a**holes funny quote – Funny adult humor at

What women see vs what men see funny at

Hilarious proposal gif at

Alien guy being abducted humor at

You smoke a plant that makes you hungry meme at

Funny Che Guevara picking his nose funny at

Smartphones versus old mobile phones humor at

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