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Sarcastic and naughty Humor – Riotous Wednesday vibes

Sarcastic and naughty humorDISCLAIMER: The following collection of funny pictures containing a fair amount of bad language and slightly flirting with explicit content at moments, we have decided to label the latter NSFW. Also, given that this specific post contains material that may be disturbing to some readers, please take note that viewer’s discretion is advised.

Hump day is here and we felt like it was the perfect occasion to spike up your mood a tad. Those of you who enjoy an occasional sarcastic and naughty humoristic encounter should definitely give today’s collection of funnies a shot. Chances are that you won’t regret.

Wishing you a riotous PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic and naughty humor

Funny super depressing lifestyle gif – Sarcastic and naughty humor

Marines are coming to Darwin funny message

Funny Otis badass grandpa tweets

Funny Ramit inmah ashol name award

How to make subtle hints to your girlfriend that she should shave humor

Get your shit together funny sarcasm – Sarcastic and naughty humor

Funny a**hole lab rat news

Funny grandma digestion joke

Funny how to start a conversation with a boy

She has more nose than ass humor

If air hostesses were honest sarcastic humor

Funny folded newspaper fail – Sarcastic and naughty humor

I’m just emu funny cartoon

Travolta should be a confused Facebook emoji humor

The greatest come back about abortion funny Facebook comment

When a duck bites your dick funny relatable picture

When you miss the Capri-sun hole humor – Sarcastic and naughty humor

Baptizing our baby girl Labia funny Facebook status

Joakim Noah knows how to post videos to Facebook funny news

She looks like she’s about to get deep fried humor

When I look at people and see nothing worth liking sarcastic gif

If I see someone eating a taco like this funny tweet

Funny penis optical illusion – Sarcastic and naughty humor

Her lips look like a swollen butthole humor

Hilarious I’m trying to make a living text messaging

Funny Donald Trump 1998 quote

Funny Japanese lighter slogan

Funny my vagina is stressed book – Sarcastic and naughty humor

Why did the turkey cross the road sarcastic humor

Funny abusive balloons

These are the kids you sell oregano to funny tweet

When people put a group pic as their profile picture humor

Funny pregnancy test tells you to install Windows 10

Does running out of f*cks count as cardio sarcastic humor

How to make disturbing pictures disappear humor - Sarcastic and naughty humor

How to make people stop showing you pictures of their kids funny tweet

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